Wireless machine to machine/Internet of things architecture:

Gone are the days when things looked out of reach.
Three words: Savings, Convenience and Security.
At Stellapps, we provide all the three to you. With our wireless machine to machine architecture we collect and analyse data, simplify and present your business in the most legible manner. Get the data on the go anytime, anywhere.

In need of in-depth analysis:

Stellapps provides you with advanced interactive charts for all your data. Want to monitor only a single parameter or all at once, you decide we shall do the rest.

Alerts to any phone or email:

Set alerts and messages on any of your information and have them delivered in real time to any phone or email. Alerts are user specific so the right person gets the message every time.
Critical alerts
Information alerts
Collection messages
Daily, weekly or monthly reports

Smart simple dashboards:

Stellapps dashboard are customised to keep you organized and tracks the important information, readings and conditions. These simple user interfaces help make quick decisions. These can be accessed from any device or location.

Remote access:

We live in a world which changes every second and keeping this in mind our platforms are designed in a similar evolving manner. Be it any changes from customer side, updates to the device or addition of features; all of this or many more can be done remotely from our servers within minutes.

Value added services:

Value added services for farmers based on information and analytics from the agri-business domain